Music Monday

 Rayna Kay Monday, Jun 5 2006 

Interview with Rayna Kay. We discuss her song “Moondust In My Hand”; how a Miss America beauty pageant led to her playing the flute in her school band; why she became a performer; the uniqueness of her singing voice and the impact it has had on her career as a musician; Tracy Chapman; American Idol; her love of Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson’s voice; Lucinda Williams‘ Car Wheels On A Gravel Road; Shelby Lynne; the story behind “Tennessee Hills”; State Senator Douglas Henry; her press in Sweden; Neil Young; staying at Willie Nelson’s log cabin; Willie and Poobah’s Singer/Songwriter Showcase; performing with her band The Vagrant Saints; the difference in performing her music solo and with her band; her forthcoming CD; upcoming performances; Taum Sauk reservoir; Elephant Rock State Park; past history and her song “Color Over Blue.” Featured songs are “Moondust In My Hand”, “Tennessee Hills” and “Color Over Blue.” (Bazooka Joe)

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